More breathing room thanks to stricter emissions standards for cars

27 March 2019

“Our citizens are entitled to clean air.” MEP Mark Demesmaeker reacts positively to the concrete measures that the European Parliament has approved in the fight against climate change. By 2030, new passenger cars will have to emit 37.5% less CO2, and light commercial vehicles will have to achieve a reduction of 31%. Manufacturers are also being encouraged to have 35% of the models they offer on the market be green cars by 2030. With this, the Parliament is ratifying the agreement that was reached with the member states at the end of December.

Reducing CO2 at its source

MEP Mark Demesmaeker fully supports the agreement: “The European Commission’s original proposal was substandard. Weak emissions standards undermine the climate goals. I am therefore satisfied that we were able to tighten the standard considerably, from 30% to a 37.5% reduction. In Belgium, transport is responsible for a quarter of CO2 emissions. We sorely need innovative technologies to reduce CO2 at its source in order to achieve our climate goals.”

Greening of the vehicle fleet

Mark Demesmaeker points out the responsibility of car manufacturers: “Instead of investing in cheat software, manufacturers should be turning all their attention to the greening of the car fleet. That is also essential for better air quality in our villages and cities. Our citizens are entitled to clean air. The new standards also provide for a serious reduction in fuel consumption, which will give the consumer more breathing room in terms of budget as well.”

Competition with China

According to Mark Demesmaeker, the new product standardisation is also necessary to attract innovation and investments. “If Europe really wants to take on China, we must encourage our manufacturers to offer enough low-carbon and emissions-free cars.”

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