Military intervention in Syria involves huge risks

4 September 2013

The use of chemical weapons in Syria meant that a line had been crossed. Nevertheless, the N-VA party remains reluctant with regard to military intervention. Nobody can guarantee that the Assad regime, if it finds itself with its back against the wall, will not use more of these atrocious weapons.

“This would mean once again that the civilian population would be the victim ", fears the N-VA. “Conversely, there is the possibility that if Assad weakens the rebels will break through the frontlines and embark on a bloodbath against the regime and enclaves.”

The N-VA believes that diplomacy must always come first. The priority must be to help the civilian population and to channel the major influx of refugees. This is where Europe can and must play a role. We also ask for attention to be paid to the Kurds in the north of Syria.

The N-VA had hoped for a unilateral standpoint from Prime Minister Di Rupo, but we have not heard one to date. In any case, we are also counting on the fact that when there is finally a decision, the plenary sitting of Parliament will have the final say.

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