Matthias Diependaele addresses Juncker on the Catalan question in no uncertain terms

9 May 2018
Matthias Diependaele

“In my European Union, we do not tolerate brutal police violence against peaceful citizens.” Group leader in the Flemish Parliament Matthias Diependaele didn’t mince his words during the visit of the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, to the Flemish Parliament. The Catalan question and above all the European silence on the Spanish police actions are far from being forgotten by the N-VA group, which deliberately and visibly wore the yellow ribbon as a sign of support for the Catalan political prisoners. “The EU must be a union of values. On this most sensitive point, not enough action is being taken,” Matthias Diependaele said to Juncker.

Erosion of European credibility

In his reply, President of the European Commission Juncker limited himself to his classic refrain about interference in Spanish internal affairs and constitutionality. Matthias Diependaele did not allow himself to be brushed off. “We regret that your silence on the Catalan question shows the erosion of the credibility of the European Union as a defender of the basic democratic values of our European Union and everything for which it stands,” Diependaele said.

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