Jan Jambon on the new relaxation of measures: “Hopefully, we can go a step further in June”

14 May 2020

“Every time you draw a line, there are people who fall just outside of it. That’s inherent in these kinds of decisions.” Minister-President Jan Jambon explained the new relaxation of coronavirus measures announced by the National Security Council on Wednesday. “We will never get applause from all corners until we allow everything back to normal.”

Monitoring the curve day by day

According to the Minister-President, the important thing now is to closely monitor the effect of the relaxation on the curve. “Let’s follow the new rules carefully and monitor the curve day by day. Hopefully, we can then go a step further in June.”

Events open depending on risk

The Minister-President is working on a categorisation for the events sector in order to see which types of events might restart. “Depending on the risk, we can determine which events we can allow in the following phases.”

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