Help for Chechen LGB people

6 April 2018
Un camp de concentration pour homosexuels en Russie ?

At the impetus of the N-VA and State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken, Belgium is offering active help to Chechen gays. Overwhelmingly Islamic Chechnya is systematically persecuting LGB people. For example, Chechen gays risk not only intimidation, but also imprisonment, torture and even being murdered. Chechnya has already been strongly condemned for the persecutions, but calls to give victims support have fallen on mostly deaf ears.

No more looking on helplessly

The N-VA decided that Belgium could not continue to look on helplessly and Theo Francken has decided to help the victims of the persecution of Chechen LGB people. Via the embassy in Moscow, a few victims have already received a humanitarian visa. With this response, Belgium is one of the first countries that are effectively taking action. “As a result, already five Chechen LGB people have been able to come to Belgium to build themselves a new life in all safety,” Secretary of State Francken says.

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