Government must save 2.7 billion, not 850 million

11 January 2012

At least 2.7 billion euros must be saved in the February budget control, not 850 million. N-VA is basing its calculations on the questions from Europe, the slowdown in growth and the errors in the budget. Europe said last week that the 2012 federal budget was incorrect. The 1.3 billion euro freeze is only accepted by Europe as a provisional solution, so it will have to be translated into specific measures during the budgetary control. Added to this is the slowdown in economic growth, for which measures are also needed. N-VA is convinced that the European Commission is right to be concerned. The federal budget has not been put together so as to keep the deficit under three percent, which is why the party is calling upon the government to introduce an adjusted budget as soon as possible that is based on realistic parameters. Above all, savings on spending are necessary, not extra taxes in other words.

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