Geert Bourgeois on Brexit: “85% of European Brexit support must go to Flanders.”

13 December 2020

“If you looked at it rationally, you’d say that it’s in everyone’s interests to come to an agreement,” said MEP and former Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois, speaking about the Brexit negotiations again on the Zevende Dag television programme. “A no-deal Brexit means a loss for everyone,” he said, pointing out that the ball is now mainly in Boris Johnson’s court.

85% for Flanders

Geert Bourgeois also indicated how he sees the distribution of the European Brexit Fund within Belgium. “I hope that 85% of that money goes to Flanders. 85% of exports to the United Kingdom are Flemish. After Ireland, Flanders will be hardest hit by a no-deal Brexit.”

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