Forty percent less energy use by 2030 is unachievable

28 November 2017

The European Parliament wants families and companies in the EU to use a substantial 40% less energy by 2030. MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt considers this an absurd goal: “This will saddle the average European with sky-high costs and drive our companies out of the EU.”

Realistic climate ambition necessary

Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of energy policy for the N-VA, because indeed the cheapest energy is energy we don’t use. The European Commission too wanted to demonstrate ambition and calculated that 30% less energy use would remain affordable for consumers and would also meet climate goals. But the high goals proposed by the European Parliament are unrealistic. And what’s more, by changing the regulatory framework, countries that are performing well would be punished. Namely, their efforts would be reset to zero as of 2021.

Flanders must not be the victim

Flanders too threatens to become the victim of the unrealistic ambition. “Our energy-intensive industry could well move abroad, where the energy standards are less strict,” says Anneleen Van Bossuyt. “If that happens, we would not only lose the jobs, but the environment would foot the bill as well. After all, polluted air doesn’t stop at national borders.”

Fortunately, the die is not yet completely cast as in January the European Parliament still has to give its final approval to the proposal. “I hope that we can count on more common sense at that time,” Anneleen Van Bossuyt concludes. “We need ambitious and realistic climate goals. Not absurdly high goals that you know in advance will be unachievable.”

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