Flemish budget balanced without extra taxes

25 September 2012

On Monday at midday, Budget Minister Philippe Muyters (N-VA) presented the Flemish budget for 2013. Unlike the Federal Government, which has not even dared to begin outlining its budget, the Flemish Government has managed once again to create a balanced budget. Together with Bavaria, Flanders is the only region in all of Europe to have presented a balanced budget for three consecutive years. The N-VA is also particularly pleased that Flanders has once again saved 300 million euros without a single tax increase. The contrast with the Federal Government, 80 per cent of whose budget efforts consist of higher taxes, could not be greater. The N-VA is also happy that the Flemish Government is still giving the economy the fuel it needs. More investments are being made in employment, research and development, and infrastructure. Social policy, too, will be continued.

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