First reliable figures, and only then make decisions about a nuclear phase-out

31 January 2018
Maintenir les centrales nucléaires en activité plus longtemps pour éviter une pénurie d’énergie

The N-VA is not against phasing out nuclear power, but that can only happen if it is affordable and sustainable and if the energy supply remains guaranteed. Contrary to what some media report, the party is not straying from the position it has long defended.

Late last year, the prime minister ordered a study to examine the feasibility of a nuclear phase-out by 2025, but this has not yet been completed. The N-VA is always willing to engage in the debate on energy options. However, this must be based on substantiated figures. Once the study is finalised, we will know what we are talking about.

In the negotiations on the Energy Pact, the N-VA will, in short, insist on three essential pillars: affordability, security of supply and sustainability. The latter remains a very difficult challenge if the goal of closing nuclear power plants by 2025 is to be kept. As compensation, quite a few gas-fired power stations would have to be built, resulting in corresponding CO2 emissions. In addition, those gas plants will cost money to build.

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