Fair trade in a robust European market

6 December 2017

A number of instruments that protect our trade are going to be adjusted to modern reality by the EU Member States, the European Parliament and the Commission. That is important to make companies more competitive and create additional jobs. MEP Sander Loones is happy with the agreement: “Flanders is a nation of traders, and Europe is a continent of traders. Protectionism would be a disaster for our economy, but we mustn’t be naive either.”

Europe tackles the global challenge

A modernisation of the rules was urgently required because they have hardly been updated in the previous 20 years, and this while countries like China are too often guilty of unfair trade practices. With this far-reaching overhaul of European trade protection and the earlier agreement on dumping, Europe is tackling the new global challenges head-on. A level playing field is being introduced in order to allow trade to take place in the fairest and most proper way possible.

Shorter and clearer procedures are a pillar of the new policy, but Member States can also impose higher duties in specific cases or (following an investigation) demand the repayment of levies. What’s more, special attention is being paid to smaller enterprises. A helpdesk will provide SMEs with all the useful information they need and help them to start up the necessary trade protection procedures.

Level playing field for free trade

“Our trade makes us strong,” Sander Loones concludes. “But Flemish manufacturers too experience unfair competition, due for example to the dumping of cheap Chinese steel or ceramics. With the new legislation, we will be better placed to tackle unfair trade practices. This is intended to lead to a robust European market that is open to the world and where everyone can trade on an equal footing.”

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