European power blocks are curbing political pluralism

24 January 2019
Anneleen Van Bossuyt

“The traditional parties want to stifle the opposition and curb political pluralism in the European Parliament.” MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt is displeased and dismayed about the amendments that the traditional parties in power have added to the rules for reviewing the regulations in the European Parliament. According to Anneleen Van Bossuyt, the goal is clear: to safeguard their current position of power despite their waning electoral weight in most member states. “In this way they want to stop the formation of new groups by themselves judging whether newly elected MPs show sufficient political affinity to form a group,” says Anneleen Van Bossuyt.

The European story is not convincing people any longer

In addition, they are trying to tamper with the freedom of expression by granting themselves the right to determine what an MP may or may not say. The goal is a ban on insulting statements and on the use of items in the Parliament such as banners and flags. “This is a blatant assault on the freedom of expression and undermines support for the EU. And this just a few months before the European elections. Self-serving manoeuvres like this go straight to the heart of the problem: their European story is not convincing people any longer and so they are trying to find other ways to maintain their positions of power,” Anneleen Van Bossuyt concludes.

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