EUR 150,000 subsidy to tackle radicalisation

11 December 2014

Flemish Minister Liesbeth Homans is allocating EUR 150,000 in subsidies to two projects intended to combat radicalisation: the VVSG (Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities) and Motief NPO. This allocation is part of a preventive approach to radicalism in Flemish cities.

Flemish cities and municipalities are faced with major challenges in this domain, as the issue of Flemish Syrian fighters has proven. With these project subsidies, the Minister is responding to the need for a point of contact at the supralocal level and a demand for support from front line workers involved with young people and radicalisation.

The VVSG project is receiving EUR 114,000 to map out existing practical experiences with radicalisation and polarisation and to assess the needs and requirements in other cities facing a similar issue. The Motief NPO project is receiving over EUR 40,000 euro in subsidies, which will be used, among other things, for training days and to provide materials related to identity development among young people. The latter project is currently limited to six cities in which the issue is known to exist and is pressing: Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk, Maaseik, Mechelen and Vilvoorde.

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