EU gives green light to single European toll system

3 December 2018

The European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism has given the green light to a single European toll system. Motorists will be able to cross the various Member States with one contract and one toll system. In addition, the exchange of information on offences on toll roads will become more efficient. “Whoever uses our roads must contribute. That includes drivers from other countries,” says MEP Mark Demesmaeker, who calls the unified European toll system a “clear step forward”.

No low emission zone

MEP Demesmaeker is, however, not that enthusiastic about the fact that the upholding of low emission zones was not included. “It is a missed opportunity. Nonetheless, it seems logical to me that Flemish people should not have to pay for foreign drivers who do not respect our low emission zones. Unfortunately, the polluter does not always pay,” says a disappointed Mark Demesmaeker.

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