Di Rupo government strikes Flemish savers

21 November 2012

Prime Minister Di Rupo has finally shown his hand for the 2013 budget. Jan Jambon, N-VA Fraction Floor Leader in the Chamber, feels that the work presented is nothing to write home about. On the contrary: “The Flemish savers are the losers, the taxes will increase for companies once again and Di Rupo once more completely ignores the European recommendations.” Di Rupo has tossed some one-off measures, a load of new taxes and a few meagre savings together and calls them “savings”. But there’s no talk of a real clean-up of expenditures. Entrepreneurs that were hoping for economic support measures are particularly getting a raw deal. Jambon: “This is typical Di Rupo: give a little but, above all, take a lot. Even the saver doesn’t escape. Even though the interests on savings continue to drop week after week, the Di Rupo government will soon be levying even higher taxes on them. The Flemish saver therefore becomes the greatest victim of this miserable tax government.”

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