Debate on the extension of nuclear power plants’ lifespan should be reopened

8 November 2011

The N-VA is requesting that the debate on phasing out nuclear energy be reopened in Parliament. The provisional results of the stress tests by the Federaal agentschap voor Nucleaire Controle (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control) show, after all, that the nuclear power plants in our country are safe. All they need are a few limited adjustments. This deprives proponents of early closure of a major argument. The cost is therefore also no longer an argument: closing down the nuclear power plants is the worst possible step to take to keep prices low. The Parliament decided that it would first review the results of the stress tests and the safety of the nuclear power plants before making a decision on any extension of the plants’ lifespan. This is the situation in which we find ourselves today: on the one hand, the security of supply cannot be guaranteed, and on the other, the nuclear power plants were found safe to continue operating for longer. This is a most ambiguous situation. In short, in the N-VA’s opinion, everything is there in order to keep our nuclear power plants open for longer without problems.

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