Courage has triumphed over power

25 May 2014

The N-VA has convincingly won the ‘grandmother of all elections’. The N-VA received the support of around one in three Flemish voters at both the Flemish and federal level.

This means we have a strong democratic mandate. “As the largest party we will make the necessary contacts as soon as possible to find our partners”, said Bart De Wever. “Based on the results, we believe this can be done. We also want to sit around the table as quickly as possible to forge a strong coalition. A logical, strong coalition for Flanders.”

The N-VA also wants to take the initiative at the federal level. “We must also safeguard Flanders’ interests at the federal level. Because, let’s be honest, federally, the situation is becoming increasingly difficult. The views of Flemish and French-language democracy have never been so diverse. We do not want a long drawn out political crisis.”

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