Closely following up Brexit’s impact

1 September 2017
Karl Vanlouwe

At a meeting of the European Committee of the Regions, Member of the Flemish Parliament Karl Vanlouwe, as the President of the regionalist EA Group (European Alliance), advocated closely following up the Brexit debate with the states and local governments. The Committee of the Regions is a European advisory body for the EU Commission and Council which represents the states, regions and local governments.

After the rather unsuccessful first phase of negotiations between the EU and the UK, Karl Vanlouwe emphasised his concern about the impact of Brexit on the economy of Flanders and on other states or regions that maintain important trade relations with the UK. “Britain’s decision to leave the EU was a democratic one; however, the EU and the UK remain responsible for finding a settlement that is good for all partners,” says the brand-new President of the group. “A revengeful and ill-considered approach will not contribute to a good and balanced agreement: trade barriers and customs tariffs will hit businesses and consumers alike. The consequences will be felt not only in Flanders, which has always been an important trading partner and will always remain a close neighbour, but in other regions as well.”

Debate and working visit

It’s for that reason that Karl Vanlouwe seeks a comprehensive debate on Brexit in the Committee of the Regions, which consists of 350 members from all EU Member States. He also wants to have the European and possibly also the British representatives take part in that debate. Finally, Karl Vanlouwe is proposing that a delegation from the Committee of the Regions should make a working visit to the port of Zeebrugge or to companies that earn their living from exports to the UK.

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