Brussels blocks safe bus stop for Flemish commuters

23 November 2018

“Brussels residents and commuters are entitled to a clean and safe bus station.” According to Member of the Brussels Parliament Cieltje Van Achter, the Brussels government is blocking the construction of a new stop for De Lijn at Brussels North Station. Public transport company De Lijn submitted a planning application in 2017 for a brand-new bus station at Brussels North Station, but the Brussels government has not yet granted planning permission. The legal deadline has in the meantime expired. “The current De Lijn stop is unworthy of our city. The Brussels government must grant the planning permission as quickly as possible so that the new bus station can be built,” says Member of the Brussels Parliament Cieltje Van Achter.

Real estate agents versus Flemish commuters

The current stop for the buses of De Lijn has been neglected by the Brussels government for many years. As a result of Brussels misgovernment, it has become one of the dingiest bus stops, where passengers and drivers do not feel safe. De Lijn proposed building a new station, but the Brussels government is not cooperating. As an excuse for blocking the application, it is using the sale of the CCN building nearby. “So at the Brussels government, real estate agents have priority over passengers and commuters from Flanders,” Cieltje Van Achter concludes.

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