Brand-new House of Europe to cost taxpayers 100 million euros

5 December 2017

The European Parliament and European Commission will be opening a brand-new House of Europe on ritzy Boulevard Haussmann in Paris next year. Cost: 20 million euros for the refurbishment and then another 6.55 million euros a year for the coming two decades. “Europe’s urge to waste money at the taxpayer’s expense continues unabated,” says MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt. “Expensive prestige projects like these will really not improve its image among citizens.”

Self-congratulation will not bring Europe closer to the citizen

Of course we must bring Europe closer to the citizen, the N-VA believes. But this can only happen with specific policies on jobs, security and the tackling of migration, and certainly not by investing millions in self-congratulation. And when the British leave in the near future, Europe will have to make ends meet with an estimated 12% less income. But even that prospect is not resulting in the necessary common sense, as witnessed for example by the 360° cinema planned for the new House of Europe.

Never-ending follies

“Follies like these prove first and foremost that the European establishment has lost its way,” Anneleen Van Bossuyt concludes. “Just last week the European Parliament gave the green light to a ‘free’ Interrail pass for 18-year-olds, and plans were put forward to operate its own B&B. There is just no end to the tomfoolery for which our citizens have to cough up.”

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