Blockade of European food aid temporarily lifted

16 February 2012

The European Union will also free up resources from the agricultural budget in 2012 and 2013 for food aid (maximum of EUR 500 million per year). The dossier, which has been blocked in the Council of Ministers for almost two years, finally appears to be at least temporarily released. The N-VA supports the agreement. There are 18 million citizens in Europe that call for food aid, 117,400 of whom are in Belgium. An abrupt stop to the European aid would affect a great many families, particularly single parents, which is irresponsible, certainly during this period of crisis. However, the N-VA emphasises that this two-year transitional period must be used to find a structural solution. After all, there is no longer any agricultural surplus, which means that food aid can no longer be financed from the agricultural budget. Progression of the programme with the objective of fighting poverty must be possible. In the meantime, regional and federal ministers can develop sustainable options to supplement European policy.

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