Bart De Wever wants the coronavirus restrictions to end: “Support for the measures is completely gone”

5 September 2021
Bart De Wever in VTM Nieuws

“Flanders has one of the world’s best vaccination rates, but is being held hostage by the federal phase.” In the VTM television news programme on Sunday, N-VA chairman Bart De Wever once again called for most of the coronavirus restrictions in Flanders to be ended. He pointed out that Flanders is moving towards a vaccination rate of over 90%. “The contrast with Brussels could not be greater. Surely you cannot ask the Flemish to put their lives on hold because there is a problem elsewhere.”

There is no support anymore

For Bart De Wever, most of the coronavirus measures, such as face masks, can be scrapped. “Support for the measures is completely gone. I am surely not the only Fleming who has been fully vaccinated and then wonders: against whom do I actually have to wear that face mask? From whom do I still need to protect myself? All the people I know have been vaccinated.”

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