Bart De Wever: “The solution is to be found in confederalism”

14 December 2018
Bart De Wever

N-VA chairman Bart De Wever provided an overview of the political situation in Belgium. While doing so, he came back to the collapse of the federal government as a result of the Marrakesh Compact and looked forward to the coming days and weeks. What’s more, one week after the N-VA Ministers decided to leave the federal government, N-VA chairman Bart De Wever was constructive. “We are prepared to approach the discussion in a serious manner.”

With regard to early elections

“Di Rupo didn’t have a majority in Flanders, Michel didn’t have one in Wallonia, and now we have a government that no longer has a majority anywhere. And yet everyone is assuming that after elections, things can only get worse. Well, if that’s the case, then the system is broken and unhealthy.”

“The prime minister has to find a majority in order to make the country governable. If that doesn’t work, we have to come up with a different solution. A government that doesn’t have a majority and continues to remain in government is the theatre of anti-politics.”

Regarding the possibility that Charles Michel will take care of current affairs until 26 May

“Current affairs is something for the election campaign and for the period following the elections for as long as there is no government. Current affairs is not a form of government.”

Regarding the governability of the country

“A government without a majority in Flanders, like back in the day with the government of Di Rupo, is unacceptable for me. A government without a majority in Wallonia is just as much of a democratic problem. A centre-right policy for Belgium is good, but it is not a structural solution. The solution is to be found in Confederalism If we want to make structural changes, then we have to change the structures. Confederalism is the structural change that this country needs. The basic principle of confederalism is that Flanders and Wallonia are the owners of all powers. They exercise these themselves, but can also make decisions together and manage certain powers together at the confederal level, in both of their interests. This completely reverses the logic. Instead of transferring federal powers to Flanders and Wallonia, these powers can be transferred to the confederal level. Forced cooperation is replaced by voluntary cooperation. Must becomes will. Dismantling from above becomes building up from below. Confederalism is therefore deciding together on what we want to do together. confederalism . Flanders has to get self-government.”

Regarding the accusation that the term “Marrakesh coalition” is cheap political framing

“If the prime minister, via a non-unanimous majority of two thirds of the Parliament, heads out to that city to say there that he is on the right side of history, why is that an insult? And who is actually the racist if you say things like that. It says a lot about your view of humanity if you have negative feelings about Marrakesh.”

Regarding parliamentary support for Michel II

“I am still open to cooperating in a formula. A country has to be governed. I am expecting the government to come and tell me what it still intends to do and then I will say what I want it not to do. Not to implement a Marrakesh policy for example.”

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