Bart De Wever: “The difference between Flanders and Wallonia has never been so large”

27 May 2019
Bart De Wever

“The difference between Flanders and Wallonia has never been so large. If people would just use their common sense, but that’s something that rarely happens in this country, people should now, be they from the left or the right, put that confederalist proposition on the table.” In Belgium’s Radio 1 programme De Ochtend, N-VA chairman Bart De Wever analysed the election results of 26 May. At federal level, he does not immediately see how a stable majority can be formed with those results.

Game over

Whatever the results, the N-VA is against a federal government without a majority on the Flemish side. “I have made one thing clear: ‘Don’t do a majority without a majority in Flanders, don’t do that.’ If you do, there will be a big problem, and I will fight it with every bone in my body. Then it is really game over for me. It is quite possible to insult the voter, but this is too far,” said Bart De Wever clearly.

The voter is always right

At the Flemish level, Bart De Wever wants to start as soon as possible with the consultation of the chairs of the other Flemish parties. He recently indicated that he was willing to talk with everyone. “The voter has spoken and the voter is always right. We must now show respect for the voter,” the N-VA chairman said.

Flemish-nationalist direction

There is one trend from the results that is striking. “I have never seen Flanders so clearly opting for a direction: Flemish-nationalist and centre-right. It is simply impossible not to respect this,” Bart De Wever repeated.

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