Bart De Wever on the closure of schools: “An incredible blunder by the federal government against all logic”

4 April 2021
Bart De Wever

N-VA chairman Bart De Wever underlined the need for a clear perspective in the VTM Nieuws studio. “When people with a health condition are vaccinated, you must be able to reopen society gradually.” He also reiterated the N-VA’s position for open schools and outdoor dining areas. “It is better to have people in a bubble where you can check them, than to tell them to just stay at home, which they obviously don’t do.”

“It was an incredible blunder to shut down schools.” Bart De Wever on incidents with young people in the past week. “The federal government has forced the federal states to close, against the figures, against the experts and against all logic.”

Two groups against each other

According to chairman Bart De Wever, two groups of people have emerged in society. “One half is composed of mainly young people, as well as people who have been hit hard economically, and have had more than enough of it; they want more freedom. The other half is composed of people who are still very anxious, often older people or people with a health condition. These two groups are facing each other with daggers drawn.”

A clear perspective is needed

According to Bart De Wever, to resolve this contradiction, perspective needs to be offered instead of preaching fear. “When people with a health condition are vaccinated, you must be able to reopen society gradually. A firm and clear perspective is what we need, because the situation is no longer sustainable.”

Opening the café terraces is a measure of public order

Bart De Wever maintains that the outdoor café terraces should be allowed to open again. “It’s not the relaxation of a measure, it’s a public policy measure. I would much rather have all those people who sit so close to each other in those parks and over whom you have no control sit on outdoor café terraces instead. Where I can check them properly and where I can control maximum capacity. Mayors are familiar with the reality on the ground. I think some federal officials just don’t get that.”

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