Bart De Wever on federal formation: “I don’t believe a word of the promised state reform”

6 September 2020
Bart De Wever

“Until 2024, Flanders will be governed for 12 of 16 years without a majority. We account for 83% of exports, 70% of taxes and billions in Transfers The money flows from Flanders to Brussels and Wallonia are called transfers. The transfers from the federal budget, the Financing Law and social security amount to between 6 and 7 billion euros per year, and 11 billion euros if debt repayments are included. The size of the transfers is always contested by the French-speaking side or they are just referred to as normal solidarity contributions. A study by Vives (KU Leuven) revealed that the transfers did not serve solidarity, but had a paralysing effect on the growth of both the Walloon and Flemish economies. transfers . And by way of thanks, we get put in the minority by a government dominated by French speakers.” In the De Zevende Dag news show, N-VA Chairman Bart De Wever revealed that he is anything but optimistic regarding the new federal government about which the traditional parties are negotiating.

Consequences for the Flemish Government

According to Bart De Wever, it is unprecedented for the two largest parties in a country to be sidelined. His judgement of the Flemish parties in that project is harsh, in particular Open Vld but also CD&V. If both parties enter into a federal government without the N-VA, it can have consequences for the Flemish Government, Bart De Wever warns. “Fortunately, the Flemish coalition agreement is laid down in great detail.”

Negotiating state reform with 19th-century-style Belgicist

The N-VA Chairman reacts with incredulity to the offer by CD&V President Joachim Coens to help negotiate a state reform. “I don’t believe a word of the promised state reform. There is no negotiating state reform with George Louis Bouchez, a 19th-century-style Belgicist who sabotaged everything from the very start and is even today saying that Sophie Wilmès must stay on as Prime Minister.”

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