Bart De Wever during the coronavirus debate: “Maintain a connection with Northwestern Europe”

9 May 2020

“This is the last chance to take the right train to the North.” During the coronavirus debate on Saturday, N-VA Chairman Bart De Wever recommended that we protect our companies the best we can now, to be strong enough when we emerge from the coronavirus crisis. “We must structurally protect our companies’ equity and liquidity. That way we can join the Northwestern European economies: Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. We must avoid ending up on the Southern European train.”

Quarantine of the sick

For Bart De Wever, mass closures of companies again is no longer an option. “A standard quarantine is a quarantine of the sick, not of the healthy. This is the first time that healthy people have to stay indoors. You see that younger people in particular, among whom mortality is very low, don’t understand it any more and can’t keep it up any longer. Of course, it couldn’t have been otherwise. We couldn’t test or trace. If we can do that now, the next quarantine should be one of the people who are infected. Not of the people who are healthy.”

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