Bart De Wever: “A turning point in history”

15 October 2012

14 October was a yellow and black Sunday. From the North Sea to the River Maas. The N-VA was the clear winner of both the municipal and provincial council elections. N-VA Chairman Bart De Wever was therefore justified in his initial response, when he called it “a turning point in history”. The massive score that the N-VA achieved in 2010 was confirmed in location after location. The call for change in Antwerp clearly manifested itself in the election results; the voter also resolutely elected the N-VA in a great many other cities and municipalities in Flanders and Brussels. Could change at the local level mean a change at the federal level? This question was also immediately settled by the voter. Although the traditionally coloured parties would have voters believing that nothing is the matter with the Di Rupo government, the election results make it clear: Flemings do not support the tax-happy Di Rupo government. It is therefore patently obvious that “change” will be on the 2014 election agenda.

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