“Automatically take Belgian nationality away from convicted terrorists.”

24 October 2018

“If you do not lose your right to Belgian nationality through such acts or intentions or even complicity, then when will you lose your right to Belgian nationality? The N-VA responds to the withdrawal of Belgian nationality from Fouad Belkacem. In 2016, it submitted a bill that makes such withdrawal in the event of a conviction for terrorism automatic. “Those guilty of a crime against the state no longer need to benefit from the advantages of the nationality of that state,” says the N-VA, which points out that there is not only such a thing as human rights, but also human obligations.

Not a mere scrap of paper

State Secretary for Equal Opportunities Zuhal Demir: “Someone who spits our society out in this way does not belong here. We must protect our society from the rotten apples,” she says. “Your nationality is not just a mere scrap of paper. It is a verb involving duties and responsibility. The judge has now ruled that Fouad Belkacem has failed as a citizen of the Belgian state.”

Deport as soon as possible

“Terrorists only want the benefits, but not the duties and the disadvantages of a nationality.” State Secretary for Migration and Asylum Policy Theo Francken is also of the opinion that Belgian nationality must automatically be withdrawn from convicted terrorists. “Those people reject our way of life and want sharia law instead. They want to overthrow everything our ancestors have built up,” says Theo Francken. The State Secretary indicates that he is doing everything possible to deport Fouad Belkacem as soon as possible.

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