Appeal for change must be heard

15 September 2011

The Flemish parties CD&V and Open Vld have opted to continue negotiations based on Di Rupo’s policy document and to drop the N-VA. They are once again threatening to put aside the Flemish appeal for change. At best they will end up with a state reform that will make everything even more complicated than it already is, with unimaginable concessions in Brussels and the periphery and with an economic policy that flatly ignores all European recommendations. But it is still not too late. There is an alternative. Let us, the Flemish people, finally start pulling in the same direction. Let us in the short term go in search of majorities in the federal parliament so that European recommendations are indeed actually implemented: saving instead of imposing taxes, reforming instead of muddling along. And let us leave the path of ‘institutional plumbing’ together. A vast majority in Flanders is in favour of Confederalism If we want to make structural changes, then we have to change the structures. Confederalism is the structural change that this country needs. The basic principle of confederalism is that Flanders and Wallonia are the owners of all powers. They exercise these themselves, but can also make decisions together and manage certain powers together at the confederal level, in both of their interests. This completely reverses the logic. Instead of transferring federal powers to Flanders and Wallonia, these powers can be transferred to the confederal level. Forced cooperation is replaced by voluntary cooperation. Must becomes will. Dismantling from above becomes building up from below. Confederalism is therefore deciding together on what we want to do together. confederalism . Let’s use it. Both Flemings and French-speakers will benefit from it. Disagreement among Flemings is threatening to bring us to ruins, but if Flemings co-operate, we can still get out of the crisis. The N-VA is still holding out its hand.

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