A Russian concentration camp for gays?

11 April 2017
Un camp de concentration pour homosexuels en Russie ?

The N-VA expresses its horror about the possible existence of a concentration camp for gays in the republic of Chechnya in the South of Russia. It is also seizing on that news to focus attention on the situation of gay people in Russia and its autonomous republics. "Indeed, Putin has himself for years been carrying out a policy in which the human rights of gay people are severely breached. Europe cannot turn a blind eye to those severe breaches of human rights and must do everything it can to have them stopped immediately," says the N-VA.

"As a party we consistently oppose the widespread discrimination and use of violence against gay people in Russia or any other society," the N-VA notes. "It is therefore our opinion that the international community must investigate the organised kidnapping, torture and murder of members of the gay community in Chechnya."

Deeds, not words

The N-VA wants deeds, not words: “Since we do not have direct contacts with the Chechen authorities, we will ask the competent Minister, Didier Reynders (MR), to discuss this problem with the Russian authorities, remind them of their responsibility to protect all their citizens from discrimination and violence and request their cooperation in an investigation."

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