Steven Vandeput

Minister of Defence, in charge of the Civil Service

After studying Commercial and Financial Sciences at the Economische Hogeschool Limburg, Steven became a successful entrepreneur in the construction and training industry.

Added value as a starting point
Steven became a committed N-VA member based on his conviction that more autonomy for the regions would result in a better future for all Belgian citizens. He was soon elected to the party council and became the Chairmain of N-VA Limburg, a position which he held until 2010. He was elected to the Chamber of Deputies that same year. Always using added value as his starting point, Steven has closely monitored various matters in parliament, including mobility, the budget, science and technology. Steven is also currently the Chairmain of the N-VA political group in his hometown of Hasselt.

Social commitment
In addition to his political commitment, Steven is also a member of various social associations. Here, too, he often plays a leading role. As a student, he was the president of the Katholiek Vlaams Hoogstudenten Verbond (KVHV, the Federation of Catholic Flemish University College Students). He later became an executive of the Junior Chamber International (JCI), an international movement for young entrepreneurs. As the president of JCI Flanders and Belgium and the vice-president of JCI worldwide, he acquired extensive international experience and expertise.