Sander Loones

Member of the European Parliament

Sander Loones joined the European Parliament in October 2014. He was also elected as first Vice-Chairman of the N-VA in December of the same year.

Guidance and advice
Sander Loones studied law at KU Leuven. He then started work at the research department of the federal Immigration Service, where he focused on asylum and migration policy. After a stint as consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), he joined the N-VA.

As coordinator of the N-VA research department, Sander was one of the driving forces behind the substantive preparations for the party conference on Confederalism If we want to make structural changes, then we have to change the structures. Confederalism is the structural change that this country needs. The basic principle of confederalism is that Flanders and Wallonia are the owners of all powers. They exercise these themselves, but can also make decisions together and manage certain powers together at the confederal level, in both of their interests. This completely reverses the logic. Instead of transferring federal powers to Flanders and Wallonia, these powers can be transferred to the confederal level. Forced cooperation is replaced by voluntary cooperation. Must becomes will. Dismantling from above becomes building up from below. Confederalism is therefore deciding together on what we want to do together. confederalism and the election campaign of 2014. In the federal governmental negotiations, he supported the N-VA negotiators behind the screens with technical advice.

Eurorealism The N-VA opts for a realistic, feasible approach to the European project. That eurorealism is translated into a Europe that is strong where necessary, in order to achieve results that are tangible and specific to its own citizens. The European cooperation must also have a sufficiently democratic platform among the residents of the Member States. This is why the N-VA advocates for constant, critical reflection and is opposed to the pipe dream of a European super state. Eurorealism
As a European Fleming, Sander opts for a Eurorealist story with a Europe that is strong where needed. He wants to anchor the line that has been set out by the Flemish and federal government in Europe as well.

In 2014 Sander was elected to the European Parliament, where he focuses, among other things, on migration and the European budget.

Sander Loones was appointed Minister of Defence on 12 November 2018.