Philippe Muyters

Flemish Minister

Philippe Muyters is responsible in the Bourgeois Flemish Government for Work, the Economy, Innovation and Sport.

After studying economics, Philippe built a career in the business world: first as the top man of Flanders’ Social and Economic Council (SERV), then at the head of the Flemish employers’ organisation, VOKA The Vlaams netwerk van ondernemingen (VOKA, Flemish Network of Enterprises) is a Flemish employer’s organisation that represents more than 16,000 companies in Flanders and Brussels, about 65% of private employment. VOKA was created in January 2004 when the Flemish Economic Alliance (VEV) and the eight regional Chambers of Commerce in Flanders decided to work together. Voka .

Work and sport for all
At the request of the N-VA, Philippe Muyters became a Flemish Government Minister in 2009. He was assigned major policy areas such as Finance, Budget, Spatial Planning and Work. He strived, for example, to provide better support for job seekers. As Minister for Sport he also worked on a structured top-level sports policy and a policy that made it possible for all Flemish residents to engage in healthy exercise. He also established the necessary benchmarks in the fight against doping.

Administrative simplification
Philippe has also removed a lot of administrative red tape for small and large construction projects, which can now be processed considerably faster. Moreover, both friend and foe commend his impressive performance in budgetary terms. Despite difficult economic times he succeeded year after year in presenting a balanced budget.