Mark Demesmaeker

Member of the European Parliament (2013-2019)

Following a career in the media, in 2004, Mark Demesmaeker returned to a former passion: politics. As a Flemish Parliament member, he became the ultimate defender of Flemish interests in Brussels and the Flemish periphery around the capital.

Since 2013, Mark has been a Member of the European Parliament. He seeks European support and recognition for peoples and regions suffering from oppression all over the world.

Flemish heart
Mark Demesmaeker believes it is important that Flemish people do not close themselves off but remain open to the rest of Europe and the world. Modest, but also assertive.

Mark ensures that Dutch, as the official language spoken by 6.5 million Flemish people, receives sufficient attention in the European institutions. Being able to communicate with the EU in your own language is vitally important and a democratic right.

Green fingers
Mark Demesmaeker is a champion of conservation and biodiversity. On the basis of this ecological perspective, he also served in the previous legislature as a substitute member of the European Parliament Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee.