Liesbeth Homans

Minister-President of the Government of Flanders

Liesbeth Homans is Vice-Minister-President in the Bourgeois Flemish Government. She is also responsible for Local and Provincial Government, Civic Orientation, Housing, Equal Opportunities and Poverty Reduction.

Liesbeth was at the very heart of the N-VA’s creation and made her entrance in the Flemish Parliament in 2009. After the municipal elections in 2012, she became the OCMW (public centre for social welfare) Chairwoman in Antwerp and Alderwoman for social affairs, housing, diversity and Civic integration Flanders has a policy for civic integration. This is a guided and targeted form of social integration for people of foreign origin. The intention is that the newcomers are provided with a valuable place in society by including them instead of excluding them. Civic integration, which includes language lessons and civic integration courses, was brought about by the participation of the N-VA in the Flemish Government since 2004 and the appointment of a Minister for Civic Integration. civic integration , community development and public counters. Her strong personality score in the Flemish Parliament elections in 2014 meant that her move to the Flemish Government.

Children first
Despite her relatively brief period as Alderwoman and OCMW Chairwoman, Liesbeth Homans clearly knew how to make her mark on policy in Flanders’ largest city. Under her impetus Antwerp OCMW’s budget increased by at least 25% compared with her socialist predecessor. There was an additional focus on the weakest of the weak: children. Liesbeth believes they should be at the centre of all social policy.

Modern administration
Politicians are there for the citizens and not the other way around. This is a common theme running through Liesbeth Homans’ political work. She improved services for citizens in Antwerp by reducing waiting lists.